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We need to replace Denham in 2018
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Dear Editor,

The tax bill just passed by Congress – and supported by our Congressman, Jeff Denham – is an enormous overhaul to the tax code that will affect all Americans for years to come. It doubles the standard deduction and will provide limited cuts for people in the middle class. Those cuts will expire in 2025. What goes on forever are giant cuts for mega-corporations and the very wealthy – like the Trump family – who will see huge tax cuts, the estate tax exemption expanded, and in many instances, will also benefit from the permanent cuts for corporations.

This bill will hit California hard. It limits the deduction you can take for state and property taxes and also penalizes married couples – the limit on what they can deduct is the same as for single taxpayers. That is a penalty for being married!

Denham voted for this bill despite the best interests of his constituents. In a press release, he talks about how great this bill will be for a family earning $90,000 per year. Terrific – except the median income for our county is around $53,000. If he spent more time here, he might know that.

We need to replace Denham in 2018. That is why I am proud to support Modesto City Schools board member and Democrat Sue Zwahlen. Sue has served on the board with integrity. With 40 years as an emergency room nurse, she understands how our healthcare system works and will advocate for access for all when they need it. She will also work hard for better schools and good jobs for our communities. As a lifelong resident of Modesto, Sue understands our problems and concerns. She will speak the truth and be willing to work with both sides to do what’s best for the Valley and our community because she is from our community!

I urge anyone who wants to defeat Denham in November and elect someone who really cares about the communities of Congressional District 10 to check out Sue Zwahlen for Congress.

— Kathleen Mirassou