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Where are Harder’s values?

As the 2020 election begins to heat up, I am compelled to write about the 10th District’s Congressman Josh Harder and how poorly his values match up with those in our Valley. Many of the stances he has taken, and those stances he hasn’t, go to show why we need to vote him out of office this November.

Just last month, Harder signed a letter, alongside other far left legislators, which insists on allowing biologically born males who identify as transgender to compete in women’s sports. Obviously, a male has a great deal of genetic advantages, otherwise sports would not be differentiated by gender in the first place. Our congressman, however, does not address these advantages, nor does the letter he signed even acknowledge their existence. Opportunities in the athletic world should not be taken from the young girls in our district for the sake of political correctness.

To continue pandering to his leftist base, Representative Harder was among the ranks of Democrats that blocked a resolution denouncing rioters and looters who are taking advantage of the Black Lives Matter movement to cause chaos and destruction. Towns in our own district like Ripon and Oakdale were labeled as racist by leftist groups, and he never even thought to defend them.

Josh Harder claims to “Put the Valley First,” but he does not represent our values and ignores when our people are under attack. Should we allow him to continue representing us when he refuses to uphold our standards and defend our people? That question is for you to decide.

— Joseph Marines