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Year round market detrimental to businesses
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As committed downtown business owners, we have enjoyed contributing to the revitalization of Main Street over the past few years. We have been delighted to see the Farmers' Market evolve and bring so much life to our downtown. However, the success of the market has not come without sacrifices being made on our parts, most specifically related to a portion of Main Street being closed each week.

For the benefit of our community and in support of our local farmers, we have been happy to make sacrifices related to Main Street being closed six months out of the year. Extending this road closure to every Saturday, all year round will be quite disadvantageous to our brick and mortar businesses.

We love our downtown. We ask that our City Council takes the wellbeing of our locally-owned, Main Street businesses into consideration as you make a decision on this matter.


La Mo Café - 310 E. Main Street

Bistro 234 – 234 E. Main Street

Dustbowl Brewing Co. – 200 W. Main Street

Juju Thai – 235 W. Main Street

Main Attractions Salon – 420 E. Main Street

Memo’s Cocina & Tequila Bar – 139 W. Main Street

The Studio Pilates & Functional Training – 310 E. Main Street

Farmhouse – 311 E. Main Street

Jaureguy’s Paint and Decorating – 436 E. Main Street

Crivelli’s – 310 E. Main Street

Emporium – 228 E. Main Street

Re.Treat Salon – 310 E. Main Street

The Silk Garden – 341 E. Main Street

Beth Grube Aesthetics – 310 E. Main Street

Glitz Fine Clothing – 306 E. Main Street

Melinda Chance Massage Studio – 310 E. Main Street

Angel’s Boutique – 101 W. Main Street

Main Attractions Salon – 420 E. Main Street

Treasure Hunters – 300 E. Main Street

Envy Fine Clothing – 227 E. Main Street

Dean’s Floral – 320 E. Main Street

The Chic Shack – 231 E. Main Street

Crust & Crumb Artisan Pizza & Bakery – 428 E. Main Street