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Year-round shelter will solve problems with homeless
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Dear Editor,

I just attended the City Council meeting at which they discussed the problem of the homeless. There were many complaints about their stealing, going to the bathroom, and otherwise making a nuisance of themselves.

I believe the only cure for the problems is to provide shelter for them the year around. At present We Care provides shelter for 38 and Turlock Gospel Mission is planning to break ground Feb. 1, 2014 for their shelters.

According to the director of the gospel mission, the plan is to open the first phase on Oct. 14, 2014. It took about 18 months to build the first phase for 40 persons, at this rate, it will take six years to build a facility for 100 occupants.  The gospel mission is to be commended for its work, but it will take too long and accommodate too few people.

If the City wants to solve the problem, it must build a shelter for at least 100 people to start. Since the City was able to get funds for all the other projects, it should be able to get funds for this one from either the state or national government. The effort should be done as soon as possible. To delay would be only to increase the problem.

— Patrick Noda