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Fair Motocross Action
Motocross enthusiasts young and old tear up the track at the Stanislaus County Fair grounds Saturday night in the annual race event.

Stanislaus County Fair Motocross Results
From Aug. 8

+40 Int/Exp Rider: 1st, Dr. Taylor Marcell of Turlock; 2nd, Loren J. Giroux of Turlock.

4-Stroke Amateur Rider: 1st Brian Caetano of Turlock; 2nd, Chris Arroyo of Modesto; 3rd, Ryan Jackson of Turlock.
65cc Novice Rider: 1st, Zach Darnley of Fresno; 2nd, Gage Herrin of Hickman; 3rd, Isaac Franco of Turlock.
65cc Beginner Rider: 1st,  Cyrus Fonseca of Gustine; 2nd Devin-Sticks Petitt of Turlock; 3rd, Ryno-Ryan Matthews of Sutter.

+30 Beg/Nov Rider: 1st, Mike Lozano of Riverbank; 2nd, Wesley Greene of Hughson; 3rd, Emil Escobar of Riverbank.

250cc Beg Race A Rider: 1st, Derek Lucero of Modesto; 2nd, Mat Blackmun of Merced; 3rd, Joel Nascimento of Turlock.

250cc Beg Race B Rider: 1st, Kason Gonzales of Escalon; 2nd, Tony Damian of Turlock; 3rd, Joseph Michaud of Modesto.
Women Big Bikes Rider: 1st, Brandi Greene of Patterson; 2nd, Antoinette Laffranchini of Manteca.
125cc 2-Stroke Rider: 1st, Steven Lopez of Los Banos; 2nd,  Landon-Holeshot Cohen of Modesto; 3rd, Nick Hoot of Escalon.

250cc Beg Race C Rider: 1st, Charlie McDonald of Escalon; 2nd, David Word of Modesto; 3rd, Taylor Xavier of Oakdale.

250cc Beg Race D Rider: 1st, Derek O'Brien of Modesto; 2nd, Mark Maring of Patterson; 3rd, Bret Price of Waterford.

150cc Class 11-15 Yrs Rider: 1st,  Chad Cindell of Lodi; 2nd, Mitchell Palomino of Escalon; 3rd, Michael Herrin of Hickman.

+25 Int / Exp Rider: 1st, David Caetano of Hanford; 2nd, Tom Price of Waterford; 3rd, Brian Caetano of Turlock.
250cc Intermediate Rider: 1st, Billy Bear Carpenter of Manteca; 2nd, Kurtis Batey of Turlock; 3rd, Lucas Armstrong of Ceres.
50cc 4-6 Beg Rider: 1st, Jacob Vierra of Ripon; 2nd, Kyle Wise of Modesto; 3rd, Brian Kody Deruyter, Ripon.

4-Stroke Mini Rider: 1st, Daren Gust, Escalon; 2nd,  Zack-Caveman Neitzel, Riverbank; 3rd, Kaleb Porter, Modesto.
65cc OPEN Rider: 1st, Zach Darnley, Fresno; 2nd,  Gage Herrin, Hickman; 3rd, Devin-Sticks Petitt, Turlock.
450cc Novice Rider: 1st, Dennis McGladrey, Modesto; 2nd, Landon-Holeshot Cohen, Modesto; 3rd, Mitch Pernsteiner, Turlock.

250cc Pro Rider: 1st, Jonathan Withrow, Escalon; 2nd,  Walt Vanolden Jr., Modesto.
4-Stroke Pro Rider: 1st, Daniel Blair, Lodi; 2nd,  Jake Locks, Dixon.
+40 Beg / Nov Rider: 1st, Jesse Pernsteiner, Turlock; 2nd,  Wesley Greene, Hughson; 3rd, Walt Vanolden Sr., Modesto.

450cc Beg Race A Rider: 1st, Logan Cohen, Modesto; 2nd, Tony Damian, Turlock; 3rd, Kyle Yates, Escalon.

450cc Beg Race B Rider: 1st, Gary Peters III, Ceres; 2nd, Jimmy Chesney, Ceres; 3rd, Cody Wessels, Turlock.

50cc 7-8 Beg Rider: 1st, Colby Copp, Los Banos; 2nd, Anthony Maravilla, Modesto; 3rd, Cole Thomas, Cressey.

50cc 0-8 Nov Rider: 1st, Zayne Schallberger ,Waterford.
85cc Novice Rider: 1st, Chad Cindell, Lodi; 2nd, Corey Matthews, Sutter; 3rd, Austin Stiles, Ceres.
85cc Beg Race A Rider: 1st, Nathan Solorio, Modesto; 2nd, Quinn Fonseca, Gustine; 3rd, Alex Quintana, Atwater.

85cc Beg Race B Rider: 1st, Brett Neves, Modesto; 2nd, Louis Flores, Atwater; 3rd, Michael Silva, Los Banos.
250cc Novice Rider: 1st, Mitch Pernsteiner, Turlock; 2nd,  Matt Wright, Patterson; 3rd, Landon-Holeshot Cohen, Modesto.
+25 Beg / Nov Race A Rider: 1st, Jon Shoars, Oakdale; 2nd, Chad Tomlinson, Newman; 3rd, Greg Pimentel, Hughson.
+25 Beg / Nov Race B Rider: 1st, Rusty Langley, Oakdale; 2nd, Jake Burns, Merced; 3rd, Jason Blades, Turlock.

+30 Int / Exp Rider: 1st, Kevin Wise, Modesto; 2nd, Marc Wemyss, Riverbank.

450cc Intermediate Rider: 1st, Billy Bear Carpenter, Manteca; 2nd, Tyler Ash, Oakdale; 3rd, Brian Alquist, La Grange.

450cc Pro Rider: 1st, Daniel Blair, Lodi; 2nd,  Jake Locks, Dixon; 3rd, Jonathon Withrow, Escalon.
50cc 0-8 Open / Mod Rider: 1st, Zach Darnley, Fresno; 2nd,  Zayne Schallberger, Waterford; 3rd, Anthony Maravilla, Modesto.

85cc Open / Big Wheel Rider: 1st, Jake R. Nasers, Modesto; 2nd,  Brett Neves, Modesto; 3rd, Quinn Fonseca, Gustine.
50cc Adult 9-15 Rider: 1st,  Chase Herrin, Hickman; 2nd, Cort Reed, Ballico; 3rd, Justin Gurney, Keyes.
50cc Adult 16 and Up Rider: 1st, Robert Blake, Turlock; 2nd, Tim Nickel, Turlock; 3rd, Gary Peters II, Ceres.