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Fair Rodeo Results
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CCPRA Rodeo Results from the Stanislaus County Fair
Aug. 6, 2009

CALF ROPING - 1st, Mike George, 8.4 sec.; 2nd, Blake Hirdes, 8.8 sec.; 3rd, Casey Minton, 9.8 sec.; and 4th, Chris Wooten, 10.0 sec.

STEER WRESTLING - 1st, Jeremy Garner, 4.6 sec., 2nd, Austin Tyler, 4.9 sec.; 3rd, Jake Boydston, 5.5 sec.; and 4th Joshua Garner, 6.9 sec.

BREAKAWAY ROPING - 1st and 2nd, Staci Yanez and Amanda Gianolini, 2.8 sec.; 3rd and 4th, Kylie Carter, Marti Lee Gianolini, and Jenna Price, 3.0 sec.

BARREL RACING - 1st, Allie Hamner, 16.67 sec.; 2nd, Kaitlyn Wiggin, 16.72 sec.; 3rd, Cathy Cagliari, 16.83 sec.; 4th, Steffanie Hennigson, 16.85 sec.; and 5th, Libby Gale, 16.86 sec.

TEAM ROPING - 1st and 2nd, Cody Cowden and Todd Hampton, Wade Wheatly and Kyle Lockett, 5.4 sec.; 3rd and 4th, F.P. Ford and Gary Ford, Kyle Davis and Robert Staley, 5.9 sec.

SADDLE BRONC - 1st, Ad Bugenig, 72; 2nd and 3rd, Joaquin Rleal and elliott French, 70; and 4th, Jeff Rianda, 68

BAREBACK RIDDING - 1st, Jon Fuller, 73.0 sec.; 2nd, Daniel Webb, 72.0, and 3rd, Clint Lear, 70.0

BULL RIDING - 1st, J.T. Davis, 74.00, and 2nd, Colton Haynes, 69.00