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Local drivers embrace the mud
mud bog pic1
Dexter Long of Turlock and his red Jeep power through the mud pit in FoodMaxx Arena on Sunday. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER / The Journal

Mud Bog Results

Results from July 25 at Stanislaus County Fair

Rhino/Rangers: 1. Rick Landucci of Waterford; 2. Cameron Shipman of Oakdale; 3. Robert Jansen of Delhi

Local: 1. Joshua Jackson of Oakdale; 2. Wesley Beuving of Ripon; 3. Brandon Gorr of Modesto

Super Stock: 1. Lee Melier of Groveland; 2. Scott Mellor of Turlock; 3. Kenny Calleri of Tres Pinos

Modified: 1. TJ Deniz of Oakdale; 2. AJ Rovella of Hollister; 3. Keving Clawson of Hickman

What most drivers would consider nightmare road conditions were just the ticket for area Mud Bog competitors at the last night of the Stanislaus County Fair on Sunday.The muddier the better was the mantra of those who put their four-wheel drives to the test in the knee-deep mud pits which took center stage in FoodMaxx Arena. The annual Mud Bog competition consisted of four categories: Rhino/Rangers, Local, Super Stock and Modified. The majority of drivers in the Local division brought their respective trucks and Jeeps out mainly for some dirty fun, with winning taking a back seat. “It’s a lot of fun,” said second time competitor Michael Burner of Hughson. “It’s a lot of rednecks hanging out.”Dexter Long and his red Jeep made their second appearance at the Mud Bog competition on Sunday. The Turlock man said his motivation for coming out was his children.“My kids get a kick out of it,” he said.Long’s stated strategy of “pop the clutch and hold it to the floor” was working for him, up until the third round of competition when he didn’t even make it to the start line due to mechanical problems.The final round came down to Dodge versus Ford, with Joshua Jackson of Oakdale and his Dodge taking first place in the Local division, followed by Wesley Beuving of Ripon and Brandon Gorr of Modesto.While there were only four competitors in the Rhino/Ranger division, the races were just as muddy — and crowd pleasing — as the other divisions. Rick Landucci of Waterford came away with first place in the Rhino/Ranger. Young Cameron Shipman of Oakdale was able to beat out his uncle, Nick West, and eventually earn second place besting Robert Jansen of Delhi, who ended up in third place.The trucks got bigger, the engine noise louder and the mud slung higher when the Super Stock and Modifieds came to the pits.Lee Melier of Groveland came away with the win in the Super Stock division, followed by Scott Mellor of Turlock and Kenny Calleri of Tres Pinos.TJ Deniz of Oakdale was able to beat our AJ Rovella of Hollister for first place in the Modified division. Keving Clawson of Hickman took third.As the Mud Bog competition came to a close, it became all too clear why the sport was scheduled for the last day of the 10-day fair run. Crews were no doubt working into the wee hours of Monday morning cleaning up the muddy pits which brought victory to a few, defeat to many and entertainment to all.To contact Kristina Hacker, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2004.