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Local martial artists plan trip to visit Grandmaster in North Carolina
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Tony Merafuentes is known as Master by his Tae Kwon Do students, a title that reflects his knowledge and status as a Tae Kwon Do practitioner. As a Master, Merafuentes holds a high degree of credibility in regards to his instruction and critiques of others but even he is outranked by another; Grand Master San Ho Lee.
Merafuentes began training alongside his wife under the tutelage of Lee in 1997, and eventually received his fourth Dan Black Belt and earned the title of Master. Now, many years later, Merafuentes is planning to take 12 of his students to North Carolina to meet, receive additional training and be evaluated by Lee, the architect of their Tae Kwon Do system.
By facilitating an opportunity for his students to bond with his teacher Merafuentes hopes they will be able to immerse themselves more completely in the art of Taw Kwon Do while strengthening their understanding of the five tenets of the art: integrity, indomitable spirit, courtesy, perseverance, and self control. To do so, Merafuentes and his students must raise $10,358 in time for the Sept. 19 trip.
"The evaluation to ensure we are doing the right things with our Tae Kwon Do as well as being involved in our local community," Merafuentes said. "For me this trip is very important. It will link us to our master; it's like another step in our career."
For more information regarding the trip and donations contact Tony Merafuentes at 620-0261 or 668-1479; or visit