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Past Turlock footballers meet for breakfast, reminiscing
football reunion pic1
A group of former Turlock High football players from the 1940s and 50s gathered at Latifs Restaurant for a reunion, reminiscing about their long-ago playing days over breakfast Friday morning. - photo by CHHUN SUN / The Journal

Football reunion invitees

Jack Kennedy, 1950

Ebby Myers, 1950

Jim Conover, 1950

Ron Sarhad, 1957-58

Steve “Arky” Burnett, 1950

Dan Gonsalves, 1949

Paul Larson, 1947

Charles Larson, 1947

Phil Larson, 1956

Charles Jacobs, 1950

Gus Mouzes, 1950

Ed Lucero, 1952

Richard Sawyer, 1949

Dick Monteith, 1950

Bill Beasley, 1951

Stan Beasley, 1951

Tom Bill, 1948

Marvin Larson, 1951

Jerry Jerner, 1956

Clarence McDonald, 1953

Myron Carlson, 1950

Ed Mirza, 1953

Abe Rojas, 1953

Dale Ocken, 1949

Don Cederlind, 1950

Dale Pinkney, 1950

Frank Niebaum, 1951

Jack Back, 1951

Roy Hedstrom, 1950

Ray Hedstrom, 1955

Lloyd Hill, 1953

Bob Moore, 1953

Buzz Bowerman

Jack Harlan, 1956

Ron Carlson, 1950

Jim Beavers, 1949

Paul Nazar, 1950

Bob Jorge, 1949

Ray Rude, 1949

Jim Jessup, 1947

Leroy Kennedy, 1947

Jay Smith, 1957

Don Hill, 1956

Jim Stevens, 1953

The old men who walked into Latif’s Restaurant on Friday morning were part of a standout bunch.

This was a rare occurrence to have so many stories filling up the back area of the historic eating place. The men smiled, knowing that they hadn’t seen one another for some 20, 30, 40 years. Roy Hedstrom, the organizer of this breakfast reunion, did not shy from the reality of the moment.

“Next year, not many of these guys will be around,” he said.

But their stories will live. The men who gathered at Latif’s played for the Turlock High football program during the late 1940s and ‘50s. Some of them were part of the greatest team of all-time — the ’49 Bulldogs, who won the state title under the MVP leaderships of Paul Larson and Donald Cederlind. Others took more humble roles during their time, but appreciated being a part of the reunion with some of the men now in their late 70s or early 80s.

“Some of them are legends,” said Abe Rojas, who graduated from Turlock in ‘53. He referred to himself as an “average player” during his four years with the Bulldogs. “It was motivation to play after the ’49 team.”

Hedstrom, who graduated in ’55, was in charge of the event. He was asked by several past Bulldogs to organize a meeting to bring together as many of the living players as possible. He was the one who put together a breakfast at Latif’s in the early 2000s to celebrate the life of former Turlock coach Dave Weise. Hedstrom took a couple weeks to make phone calls and landed 44 reservations, with at least 30 of them showing up during the early stages of the breakfast.

Ron Sarhad, now an attorney in Turlock, remembers his playing days. He was 7 years old when the Bulldogs won the state championships in ’49, as he went on to create a legacy for himself. As a junior, he quarterbacked the Bulldogs to a league title in ’57 and, he said, a state championship ranking with three other schools.

“They turned out to be the best San Joaquin Valley football team in comparison to all the years following, in my view,” Sarhad said about ’49 Bulldogs. “Their excellence on the football field made an impact on us for endeavors beyond the game itself.”

And yes, many of the men continued to excel in football, such as Paul Larson, who is considered one of the greatest football players at Cal. Dick Monteith (class of ’50) is on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, and many of the other men contributed in positive ways in and around Turlock. In fact, Latif’s is owned by Jim Stevens, who also played for the Bulldogs in the same era as the men.

“The importance of seeing all these past players allows us to see the success they had in life and how they maintained that success in society,” Hedstrom said.

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