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Cerah Moren takes first in javelin, fourth in discus at USA Youth Championships
Cerah moren
Cerah Moren, a soon-to-be Pitman High freshman, prepares to throw the javelin at the USA Youth Outdoor Championships last Saturday in Illinois. - photo by Photo Contributed

Four years ago, Cerah Moren attended the USA Youth Outdoor Championships with a broken arm and, understandably, left the competition with less than stellar results. Since then, the young Turlocker healed, continued with her track and field training, and picked up new skills and abilities that many girls her age do not have.

Last Saturday, Moren returned to the USA Youth Outdoor Championships in Illinois with her improved skill set and walked away with a first place finish in the javelin and a fourth place finish in the discus—the perfect way for the soon to be Pitman High freshman to end her summer season.

“I’ve worked really hard and it’s good to know that all of the hard work pays off,” Moren said.

Moren earned the javelin championship with a throw of 116 feet, 3 inches and landed in fourth place in the discus with a throw of 117 feet, 8 inches. Her abilities haven't just given her national acclaim. Moren — who has dual citizenship — is currently the fifth best javelin thrower in all of the Philippines.

Moren’s javelin abilities are a product of consistent practice and training and are made even more impressive by the fact that the event is barred from high school competition in California.

“It comes naturally for me,” Moren said. “It’s different from all the other events; it’s more unique. It’s hard to do the javelin since it’s not allowed in high school.”

So why work so hard to perfect an event that isn’t even allowed in high school? The answer is simple: to get a leg up on the competition when it comes time to enroll in college.

“College coaches get a lot of discus and shot put throwers so they’re always looking for other throwers,” Moren said. “I want to be good at those events (javelin and hammer) so I can continue to throw when I get into college.”

But before she becomes a collegiate athlete, Moren must first begin her high school career. She will be a Pride newbie in 2014 but if her recent and past accomplishments are any indication, she is set to become a top athlete at Pitman High.