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Denairs Dylan Souza looks to bring offseason conditioning to the field
Denair cutout
Dylan Souza spent his summer in passing league to prepare for his last year of high school football. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal

While most of the class of 2011 was enjoying their summer break, Dylan Souza was hitting the gym. The varsity running back spent his off season preparing for his last, and what he hopes will be his best, year of Denair Coyotes football. Souza knows what he wants from his team this season.

“I want to win league,” Souza said.

He said that the last time Denair won league was in 2006, before he was in high school. But he is willing to work hard to help his team achieve a title this year. Souza spent his summer in passing league, and he’s bringing everything he learned to the field this year.

Therion Gregory, Denair football head coach, said that Souza did pretty well on the field in 2009. Last year, Souza carried the ball 183 times for 1,297 yards. He was a versatile player his junior year. He played running back, line backer, defensive end and safety.

Therion said that Souza’s height, 5 feet, 7 inches, was an advantage on the field because it gave him a low center of gravity.

“He plays a lot larger than he is,” Gregory said.

He describes Souza as someone with a lot of spunk who tries hard in every game. He said that Souza has leadership qualities, and that some of the kids kind of look up to him. Souza also wrestles, something that Gregory thinks might keep him balanced on the football field.

“He’s just a tough kid. He’s taken hits out there where anyone else would have gone down,” Gregory said.

This year Souza will play running back and line backer for the Coyotes. The team lost their quarter back, Cody Watts, when he moved to Los Angeles. Souza said that everyone expected Watts to be the varsity quarterback this year, and they were disappointed to see him go. However, Souza said he doesn’t think his game play will be affected much by a change in quarterbacks.

“I’m just going to do my best. I hope to get at least 1,300 yards this year, and I want to go undefeated,” Souza said.

The Coyotes’ first preseason game will be Sept. 3 at Riverbank High School. Souza will get the chance to put all of his off season preparation to work, and get started on his goal of having an undefeated season.

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