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Is Kap the one to blame for all the 49er's problems? Maybe
Eddie column pic Kap
Colin Kaepernick searches for an open target in hopes of getting a passing game going against Green Bay on Sunday. Kaepernick completed 13/25 attempts during the game. - photo by CANDY PADILLA / The Journal

Let's face it — the San Francisco 49ers are in a state of turmoil.

They are coming off another horrible offensive performance for the third week in a row after Sunday's 17-3 loss to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

The team has lost three consecutive games—  after winning the home opener — and has a negative 5 turnover ratio during that span while the offense has scored under 10 points per game and allowed over 33 in the three losses.

If things can't get any worse, the offensive line along with Colin Kaepernick's uncharacteristic play, have been decimated by the opposition. I mean let's be real when we speak of the effectiveness from Kap and that offense — they have no touchdowns in the air over the past two starts.

His two touchdowns against Pittsburgh came when the 49ers were losing by over three possessions. Basically, the game was out of reach.

I know the quarterback gets all the pressure, but when you pay a player as much as Kaepernick is being paid to perform, well then you expect progress.

Now, we can't forget Jim Harbaugh leaving, but there is no excuse for such consistent inconsistent play.

Kap worked on his mechanics during the offseason and should be improved, but we have definitely seen him distorted in the pocket and when he is under duress he is very fragile.

Again, I am not blaming everything on him, but his performance is very questionable, especially when he is 9-11 over his last 20 starts.

The fact is the 49ers are just not a very good football team after week four.

New coach, okay. New system and new team, okay. These guys are professional athletes and get paid tons of money, so how can we not expect them to perform to their standards?

It's fair to say Kap doesn't deserve all blame, but he has a large share as well as Trent Baalke the general manager and the owner Jed York for not improving the team through offseason free agent moves or better draft picks.

Last year Jimmie Ward was picked in the first round, seriously?

And everyone else drafted is not even on the team, just ridiculous picks.

Again, Harbaugh was the coach then.

So while we can blame a lot on the changes, it seems like the boat is getting ready to sink.  Who knows how deep, but definitely deep.

Kap was sacked six times in the Packers loss. He is on pace to be sacked 56 times after week 4. After week 1, 49ers ranked 32/32 in points per game and passing yards and are 31st in total yards per game on offense (289). After week 4, Kap is on pace to be sacked over 50-plus times for the second consecutive year.

In his career, Kap has thrown 31 touchdowns and only 11 picks in the first half, 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in the second half.

In the fourth quarter, all-time, he only has six touchdowns and eight interceptions with a 59 completion percentage.

When he is in the opposing side of the field he struggles.

Inside the red zone, Kap completes only 54.23 percent of passes and when inside the 10, he completes only 47 percent of passes.

I really want to be optimistic, but as of this moment it looks like Kap is one of the most overpaid and underperforming players in the NFL and the 49ers are perhaps one of the worse offenses in football.

Next for Kap and the 49ers is a night game against a team he has faced only twice, the New York Giants, a team he is 1-1 against.

Hope burns eternal.