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Jeremiah Metcalf scheduled for K-1 event in September
Jeremiah Metcalf showcases his kickboxing skills against an opponent in one of his many professional fights. - photo by Photo Contributed

On Sept. 8,  the world renowned kickboxing organization K-1 returns to American soil with K-1 Rising 2012. Fifteen fighters from around the world will meet in Los Angeles to help the legendary organization mount a resurgence, including Turlock’s own Jeremiah Metcalf in his K-1 debut.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to fight in K-1,” Metcalf said.

With a professional record of 13-6 and ties with organizations such as Strikeforce and Elite XC, Metcalf is no stranger to fighting. He began training late in 2005, honing his kickboxing skills and earning an undefeated 5-0 record as an amateur kick boxer, but by May of 2006, he was in the cage perusing a career as a mixed martial artist. Now, with the opportunity to participate in K-1’s return to the states, Metcalf is going back to his roots in what could be a springboard opportunity.

“K-1 gives him so many options,” Metcalf’s trainer Gene Fields said. “It’s a technique driven sport with lots of exposure.”

Metcalf will face Markhaile Wedderburn of Jamaica at 185 pounds in one of the night’s four Super Fights. Wedderburn, who had an 11-10 professional record, is no slouch and is expected to test Metcalf in his first fight in nearly a year. Still, Metcalf is undeterred by his opponent’s history; instead he focuses on his own strategy as well as the advantages he will have in the ring.

“The difference with K-1 is I don’t have to worry about going to the ground,” Metcalf said. “I can press the tempo of the fight and be aggressive, which is what I like to do anyway.”

“He’s ruthless and extremely aggressive,” Fields said. “He will fight until either his opponent or himself is dropped.”

September’s fight will take place at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Tickets are available at