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Rodeo hits Stanislaus County Fair
Horner, Hirdes represent Turlock
Cheyenne Horner
Cheyenne Horner took first in the barrel racing event in her hometown rodeo, with a time of 17.57, just .07 seconds ahead of the second place position. - photo by Photo Contributed

Local rodeo competitors proved to be standouts at the 2015 Stanislaus County Fair rodeo.


A total of 10 representatives were competing from Hilmar and Turlock combined, however, Turlock natives Cheyenne Horner and Blake Hirdes came out with a purpose and did not let down.


Both competed in the California Cowboys Pro Rodeo at the fair on Saturday, where they managed to each capture a first place finish after the night had concluded.


Hirdes, along with partner Joe Shawnego, captured first place in the team roping with a stunning time of 4.7. Hirdes also placed third in the calf roping event with a time of 11.2.


For the first time in her young career, Horner took first in the barrel racing event in her hometown rodeo, with a time of 17.57, just .07 seconds ahead of the second place position.


“This is the first time I have won at the fair,” said Horner. “My nerves were a little high before going into the arena, but once I was ready to go I felt confident in my horse that he would perform to the best of his ability. Whenever he makes a run like that it's just an awesome feeling to hear my time.”


Horner, 20, was recently in the FoodMAX arena winning barrel races on two separate occasions at the Turlock Junior Rodeo.


“I was extremely happy I could perform so well in front of my family and friends,” the Turlock native added. “The only advantage I thought that I had was that I have competed in that arena many times before Saturday night.”


Horner has had rodeo dreams since she was 3 years old. Her drive is finally paying off as she is sitting at number 7 in the CCPRA standings, 2nd for rookie of the year and 8th in the year end standings for ACBRA or better known as the American Computer Barrel Racing Association.


“Far as becoming professional, that all depends on the horses I have coming up from our training program. I would love to be able to enter more professional rodeos in the future,” Horner said.“Right now I just try to keep my horses in the best shape they can possible be in; I also compete in local races to keep them sharp for the rodeo.”


Horner's horse's name is 'Mouse' and he is a 9-year-old quarter horse.


She will be attending West Hills College this fall and will be competing for their rodeo team.


Other local competitors included, Preston Burgess of Hilmar. Although Burgess failed to place in the top three in any event, at only 16-years old, the up and coming young cowboy was able to take some valuable lessons that he plans to take with him on the road when he turns 18.


Recently Burgess transferred from Hilmar High to Oakdale Charter, so that he could practice for more rodeo events.


“I've been going to events like these and competing with older people and when I'm 18, I will try for the big boys, the finals,” Burgess said. “This is something I have always liked and wanted to be good at and I like to do this more than a hobby. It's what I work for every day, to be at the professional level.”





Calf Roping

•                     1st- Jade Church, time 10.5, won $608

•                     2nd- Wyatt Hansen, time 11.0, won $ 364.80

•                     3rd- Blake Hirdes, time 11.2, won $243.20

Steer Wrestling

•                     1st- Johnny Fruiht, time 8.0, won $342.00 ground split $342.00

Breakaway Roping

•                     1st- Jennifer Casey, time 2.0, won $1033.60

•                     2nd- Suzanne Williams, time 2.3, won $775.20

•                     3rd- Bailey Bidwell, time 2.6, won $516.80

•                     4th- Coral Alberi, time 2.8, won $258.40

Team Roping

•                     1st- Blake Hirdes/Joe Shawnego, time 4.7, won $820.80 each

•                     2nd- Blake Texeira/Wyatt Hansen, time 5.5, won $615.60 each

•                     3rd- Landon Gill/Dillon Deshon, time 5.7, won $410.40 each

•                     4th- Tanner Kent/Joe McCutley, time 5.8 ,won $205.20 each

Barrel Racing

•                     1st- Cheyenne Horner, time 17.57 , won $594.32

•                     2nd- Ann Scott, time 17.64, won $516.80

•                     3rd- Suzanne Williams, time 17.83, won $439.28

•                     4th- Amanda Stallins, time 17.95, won $361.76

•                     5th- Erin Clendenen, time 18.00, won $284.24

•                     6th- Katrina Dugo, time 18.01, won $206.72

•                      7th/8th- Roxie Jiminez and Brittany Manner, time 18.06, won $90.44 each

Saddle Bronc

•                     1st- Uhuru Adem, score 78, won $600.40

•                     2nd- George Veater, score 72, won $450.30

•                     3rd-Ethan Lemmons, score 54, won $300.20

•                     ground Split  $150.10

Young Gun Saddle bronc Rider

•                     Reed Neely, score 54, won $190.00


•                      1st/2nd- Casey Meroshnekoff and Blaine Davies, score 75, won $375.72         

•                     ground Split $322.05

Bill Riding

•                     1st- Keith Roquemore, score 79, won $634.60

•                     2nd- Garrett Lange, score 75, won $475.95

•                     3rd- Colby Demo, score 74, won $317.30

•                     Ground Split $158.65