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Fantasy football rookie goes for the touchdown
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Since I was little, I remember Sundays being the designated football day. I would get out my cheese head, my Green Bay Packer blanket and put on my favorite Bret Favre jersey that was way too big for me. It was bonding time with my family and, of course, I was the dedicated cheerleader for the Packers. Whenever my dad cheered, I did too.
Over the years, I did figure out how to cheer without my dad there. I learned the rules of football with the rushing yards, false starts, interceptions, and, of course, the touchdowns. I did mostly pay attention to the best-known Packer MVP Favre, who I grew up watching throw touchdown after touchdown, or better yet, interceptions for the Packers.   
My childhood memories of Favre sporting the green and yellow still remain, but unfortunately I can’t follow him in his recent career changes. The Packers haven’t been the same since his departure.
With Favre leaving my beloved Packers, I have seemed to lose my enthusiasm for the gridiron I once had. But now, I am trying to get back into the National Football League spirit and I have joined my co-workers in the annual Fantasy Football League for the Journal.
Not knowing much about how to maneuver my players in Fantasy Football, I think my 12-0 standing is pretty awesome. I have figured out how to work with the players I got in the auto draft at the beginning of the season. My co-workers like to tease me about beginners luck, but I think I’m becoming an awesome team manager.
So far, I have figured out my best players are Donovan McNabb, Donald Driver (go Packers!), Frank Gore and DeAngelo Williams. The Baltimore Ravens have also been pitching in with my defense.
Now if you ask me how many points my quarterback gets for throwing a touchdown or how many points my running back gets for running the touchdown, I have no idea. All I know is that Yahoo’s projected points always helps me when I look at my match up for the week.  
Yahoo’s projected points have become a Fantasy Football god to me, guiding me in my path to winning the next game. If Yahoo didn’t predict my points for the next game, I would have given up all hope a while ago. I recommend all rookies look to this for guidance.
This week I battle The Death Threats, which is quite intimidating with that sort of name. Yahoo tells me I am expected to win by a total of 23 points, if no changes are made and no players suddenly develop super-human abilities.
With no expertise in sports, I think participating in a Fantasy league is a good way to learn a little more about the American pastimes. It has created a different experience for me when I watch games now. I pay attention and I am more involved in the Sunday and Monday Night Football festivities.   
As of right now, I am in first place going into the 13th week of games with my editor, Kristina Hacker, following in fourth place as the Hacker Slashers. It’s never good to beat your boss, even in Fantasy Football. Let’s see what happens in the next three weeks to come. Wish me luck.
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