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Passion for fishing never fades
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It’s finally starting to set in for me that summer break is officially over. The days of being able to fish any day of the week are gone. This past summer I set a personal record of consecutive days fishing. If it wasn’t for a dental appointment, my streak would have went a little longer.

Unlike a new toy that gets old after time, fishing never seems to get old. Recently I heard an interview of a famous guitarist who’s now in his 70s, and he was asked about his passion for playing guitar. He responded that he loved playing guitar so much that every time he opens a guitar case, he wants to crawl inside and lay down. Professional bass angler Mike Iaconnelli mentioned in his book how the smell of his grandfather's outdated tackle box is something that he’ll never forget. For me, it’s the sound of an outboard engine.

As a kid, I remember laying in my sleeping bag while camping with my family, hearing the boats running the lake. Or at the launch ramp, waiting for my dad to park the truck, while hearing all the boat engines idling around me. Now of course, the engines are a lot quieter than before, but every once in a while someone will have an older boat at the launch ramp that will help bring back all of those memories. Admittedly, the excitement that I had as a kid towards fishing isn’t exactly the same as it was, but it’s still enough for me to get out of bed at 3 a.m. most Saturday mornings.

Delta Report:              

There are lots of smaller schools of largemouth and striped bass actively feeding on small baitfish which can be caught on reaction lures and small top water baits. For the larger bass anglers are fishing Senko’s or pitching in the grass with creature baits such as Reaction Innovation Sweet Beavers. Catfishing remains good right now for anglers fishing cut bait. Look for bigger catfish to be relating to deep holes along the river right now.

New Melones Lake:

Bass fishing continues to be good for smaller bass on soft plastics while worked along the bottom. Bigger bass are being caught in the early morning hours on topwater lures and at night on top as well. During the day anglers are dragging Carolina rigged plastic baits such as brush hogs and lizards. Trout fishing is starting to pick up for anglers fast trolling spoons around the dam areas from 30 to 50 feet deep. Bluegills continue to provide steady action for those fishing around boat docks and the backs of coves. Fishing for Catfish is good right now for those fishing at night. Glory Hole Point has the only accessible launch ramp which is gravel.

Lake Don Pedro:  

Trout and king salmon fishing is hit and miss for anglers as they are having to troll really deep to find them. Anglers trolling are fast trolling spoons at depths greater than 100 feet deep. Bass are being caught on Senko’s and top water baits right now. Hula grubs and crank baits are also working well while fished between 5 and 10 feet deep. Fleming Meadows still has the only available launch ramp open that requires some skillful driving as it’s not exactly a strait shot.

Lake New Hogan:

Bass fishing remains good for those fishing Senko’s and top water baits during the morning and evening hours. There are still small schools striped bass that are chasing the shad to the surface. Anglers fishing top water lures or trolling umbrella rigs are having luck in the morning and evening hours. There is currently no courtesy dock for those planning on launching a boat.

Tip of the Week:

When storing your tackle it’s important to separate certain items in order to prevent rust or damage to your tackle box. Some plastic baits for example will actually melt through a plastic box if having direct contact with another plastic. They’re also most likely to have a high salt content which will also take its toll on exposed metal. Lead weights and hooks should never be stored in the same box as the moisture from the lead will surely create rusty hooks. Hard baits should be left out to air dry before placing back inside a tackle box.