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The golden Kap card
Kap card

I pulled the Holy Grail of Colin Kaepernick rookie cards a year ago.

Only one copy exists.

I beat 1-in-699,600 odds.

Jeff Hoekstra, manager of Krier’s Cards and Comics in Modesto, sold my 2011 Topps Chrome Football autographed superfractor card, for $6,000 this past week.

What makes this story more interesting is I’ve been a lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan. I also covered some of Kaepernick’s football, baseball and basketball games when Pitman played against Ceres High.

“Every time I looked at my phone or checked my e-mail I had an offer,” Hoekstra said. “There was an overwhelming amount of interest for it. It’s a unique item. It’s a one-of-a-kind. This is different because he’s a local guy.”

Hoekstra originally listed the Kaepernick superfractor on eBay for $6,999.99.

He received more than 25 offers between Jan. 11-16.

He turned down two offers of $4,000 before selling it to, one of the largest and most reputable dealers of trading cards in the country.

“They paid top of the market for this week,” Hoekstra said. “They were happy to get it. I’m really curious to see what they’ll do with the card. My guess is they’re banking on the 49ers winning and they’re going to do some promotion with it.”

Kaepernick’s record-shattering performance in the 49ers’ 45-31 win over the Green Bay Packers in an NFC divisional game on Jan. 12 increased the value of his autographed cards. He totaled 444 yards and four touchdowns. He set an NFL record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 181.

“The way he played in that game shocked me,” Hoekstra said. “It was an absolutely dominating performance. The NFL has never seen anything like that before. It’s still a shock to me. The value of his autograph is probably 10 times more than it was before this run began. It’s nice to see there’s national interest.”

A year ago, I got lucky when I opened a hobby box of 2011 Topps Chrome Football and beat the odds with a pull of a lifetime.

I’m glad I decided to wait to sell it.

I’ll be rooting for Kaepernick and the 49ers this weekend.

If San Francisco beats Atlanta, it will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

The value of his superfractor autograph will probably skyrocket.

 “The card won’t go down too much if they lose,” Hoekstra said. “He’s a young and exciting guy. He could be the next great Niners quarterback. There’s talk of a dynasty. It’s a great story.”