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Medeiros hosts Punt, Pass, Kick competition
Punt pass and kick 1
Lelauti Elisaia of Medeiros Elementary launches a football in the air during the Punt, Pass, Kick competition. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ / The Journal

Medeiros Elementary School hosted its fourth annual NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition on Thursday and Friday, welcoming over 200 participants, with kids ranging in age from six to 13.

“This is our fourth year doing this event. In the first three years, each year, one of our first place winners went on to sectionals to win it and then to a Raiders and 49ers game to compete,” said Medeiros  teacher Aimee Hendrix.

Mya Sanchez won the 8-9 year-old girls category last year, and the 6-7 year-old category the year before that. This year, Sanchez placed second in the 8-9 year-old category.

The kids were split into four age groups. Each of the NFL hopefuls were allowed one punt, one pass and one placekick. The total distance of the combined three attempts was measured for a total score.

Each attempt is measured by distance and accuracy along a straight line. Any attempt that goes off track from the line is subtracted from the straight distance, and measurements are made from where the ball first hits the ground. For example, if a participant tosses the ball 50 feet down the line, but 10 feet to the right, the total score is 40 feet.

The event was sponsored by the NFL. Anyone can have a local competition, you just need to sign your school up Hendrix said. This year, the turnout was so big that the day was split into a two-day session.

Hendrix said she is expecting to get an even bigger turnout next year.

“It is stressful because I am scared we will have three days the following year, so it is just a lot for one person. This year I had another teacher help me out and the parents,” Hendrix said. “The kids were acting like it was a Disneyland trip. They were excited and were bringing the parents out. We make them feel successful because they each get a Popsicle and water.”

This year sectionals are in Sacramento and will be held on Oct. 19. The winners will move onto compete at a 49ers game sometime in December.


Medeiros Elementary Punt, Pass, and Kick Results:

6- 7 year olds:

1st place — Avery Sanchez and Hailey Bacon

2nd place — Joel Caravantes and Taylor Cooper

3rd place — Christian Maggard and Haleigh Wright

8-9 year olds

1st place — Cole Hendrix and Carly Hagen

2nd place – Joseph Santiago and Mya Sanchez

3rd place – Joey Stout and Sofie Goldsmith

10- 11 year olds

1st place – Cole Carrigg and Luisa Elisaia

2nd place – Jacob Masihi and Emily Hanham

3rd place – Hayden Delay and Kiana Reynoso

12-13 year olds

1st place — Brett Hagen and Olivia Allen

2nd place — Luke Redman and Maryalice Corral

3rd place – Bryce Martin and Emmerson Parreira