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National 10s All Stars eyeing District title
National 10s 2
Allyson Cameron is the first female player to make an All Star team and will be playing third base for the 10-year-old Turlock National team. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ / The Journal

First year Majors coach Jeff Naranjo will now serve as first year head man for the Turlock National 10-year-old All Stars.

Along with the help of his assistants Harpreet Singh and Luis Montanez the three have assembled what is considered to be a talented group with many upsides.

There is no one superstar on the team. The team is just that—a real team that is structured and ready to compete and learn and at the same time have some fun while playing America's  favorite pastime.

“Pretty much everyone is great. You want to watch all them for the next year or two you will see these kids. They will all be standing out and they are a good group of 10 year olds,” said Naranjo.

Naranjo brought along four of his players from the Marlins squad, which he coached during the regular season, to add into the mix of 14 players, including two AAA players that were moved up.

“The talent is unique,” Naranjo said. “Most of the kids are from all over the seven teams from the Majors and the kids always have a big smile and big heart.”

In addition to the young herd, the team also boasts Allyson Cameron, who will be the first All Star female player at the Turlock National All Star level.

“First year coaching All Stars it brings back memories for me because I was part of the All Star 10-year-old team 20 years ago,” Naranjo said. “And it’s fun to get on this field and reminisce. I want to teach the kids what I learned and to get to that one level and maybe these kids might play ball.”

The 10-year olds will hope to repeat the success of last year's team which ended as the runner-ups in the District 73 tournament, eventually losing to the Turlock American squad.

The Turlock National 10-year olds will start the tournament with a matchup at noon today against Atwater.

“We just want to go out there and have a good time and compete,” Naranjo added.