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Tennis coach aims to grow sport through summer camps
tennis camp pic
Turlock High tennis coach Bill Weber will offer tennis camps for kids as young as 4 and athletes up to 18 years old. - photo by Photo Contributed

Summer is the perfect time for local tennis players to develop their game and Turlock High tennis coach Bill Weber will offer his over 40 years of expertise in the sport through a series of summer tennis camps for kids from age 4 to athletes up to age 18.

The camps, which start on Monday and run through Friday, will not only provide in-depth perspective and insight on technicality but will also help to groom any newcomers who are recently taking on the sport.

"I use the USTA [United States Tennis Association] red, orange and green format, which is the easiest way for kids to learn and be successful early on," Weber said. "My primary goal for these camps is to grow tennis in the area. We do a lot of skill building activities and real hands-on training."

Weber hopes to grow the popularity of tennis in general and eventually reach about 30,000 kids within a 50 mile radius of Turlock, and as of now, Weber says that about 14,000—which is nearly half—have already been exposed to the sport, whether it is by social media or even handing out fliers to local elementary schools and educating teachers on the sport.

"We're halfway there," Weber said. "The other goal I have is I want the town of Turlock to be the town that is feared by all the other schools when we play them...The toughest match should be when Turlock plays Pitman because I teach all the kids from both."

Weber is expecting about 40 kids for the summer camps. The younger kids with less experience from the age of 4-10 will have a session from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., while the older kids from 8-18 years of age will have a longer day from 8:30 a.m. to  noon.

"It is my job to challenge them and each of their areas or bring the skills to the beginning kids. It's my job to communicate with them. It's pretty personal service with a coach to every four kids for the beginning and younger kids," Weber added.

For more information on the camps, visit or call Coach Weber at 604-2455.