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TJHS track sets county and school records
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TJHS County Meet Medal and Ribbon Winners


70 yrd. Hurdles

7th G; 2nd Cheyenna Faria11.50, 4th Savanna Avalos 11.81

8th G; 1st Misty Alexander 10.31, 2nd Shakia Collins 11.23

7th B; 1st Juan Gonzalez 10.48, 2nd Leo Zamora 10.63, 3rd Jordan Lintz 10.94

8th B; 1st Grant Tallent 9.78, 4th Kollin Craig 10.49, 5th Ryan Vargas 10.60

4x100m Relay

7th G; 1st Mackenzie Hassett, Amy Deleray, Rylee Anderson, Lauren Cariaso 56.63

8th G; 1st Misty Alexander, Sara Ludlow, Jocelyne Montes, Alexis Salinas 55.06

7th B; 1st Anthony Griffin, Leo Zamora, Jordan Lintz, Juan Gonzalez 53.35

8th B; 1st Mario Ortiz, Dominic Jack, Logan Wolfley, Jevan Hogan 47.19


7th G; 1st Mackenzie Hassett 5:35.53, 3rd Cheyenne Faria 6:18.72, 6th Barbara Beasley 6:30

8th G; 5th Kayla Kenney 6:32.09, 6th Hayley Rovito 6:36.75

7th B; 3rd Anthony Griffin 5:28.44

8th B; 3rd Julius Flores 5:32.72


7th G; 1st Rylee Anderson 1:07.19, 4th Yesenia Castro 109.63

8th G; 3rd Jocelyne Montes 106.56, 6th Alexis Salinas 1:08.23

7th B; 3rd Anthony Griffin 5:28.44

8th B; 2nd Logan Wolfley 56.65, Ryan Vargas 1:01.88


7th G; 5th Lauren Cariaso 13.56

8th G; 3rd Misty Alexander 13.54

8th B; 1st Jevan Hogan 11.58



7th G; 1st M. Hassett 2:35.82, 4th Teresita Jimenez 2:53.28, 5th Makenzie Salyer 2:58.62

8th G; 4th Hayley Rovito 2:51

8th B; 2nd Grant Tallent 2:19.31, 4th Niko Lopez 2:23.41, 6th Julius Flores 2:24.59


7th G; 5th Rylee Anderson 29.45, 6th Amy Deleray 30.41

8th G; 5th Misty Alexander 28.6, 6th Yasmeet Cheema 28.88

8th B; 2nd Jevan Hogan 24.78, 6th Mario Ortiz 26.0

4x400 Relay

7th G; 1st Cheyenne Faria, Rylee Anderson, Yesenia Castro, M. Hassett 4:45.58

8th G; 2nd Claire Litlefield, Jocelyne Montes, Ali Salafia, Alexis Salinas 4:34.2

7th B; 1st Leo Zamora, Anthony Griffin, Matt Vargas, Emmanuel Trujillo 4:19.96

8th B; 1st Grant Tallent, Dominic Jack, Niko Lopez, Logan Wolfley 3:59.06

Triple Jump

7th G; 1st Lauren Cariaso 29’2”, 3rd Stephanie Chavez 24’7”, 6th Barbara Beasley 22’10”

8th G; 1st Ali Salafia 29’11”, 2nd Allysa Gonzales 28’1”

7th B; 3rd Matt Vargas 29’5”

8th B; 3rd Eddie AlJamal 32’7”, Kollin Craig 32’2”

Long Jump

7th G; 3rd Lauren Cariaso 13' 3"

8th G; 2nd Allysa Gonzales 13'4”

7th B; 6th Matt Vargas 11’8 ½”

8th B; 2nd Logan Wolfley 16’3”, Dominic Jack 15’10”

High Jump

7th G; 4th Alexis Galindo 4’, 6th Stephanie Chavez 3;9”

8th G; 3rd Haley Jones 4' 6", 6th (tie) Terri Gallon and Yasmeet Cheema 4’2”

7th B; 2nd David Van Gorder 4’8”

8th B; 2nd Kyle Luiz 5' 1"


8th G; 1st Ali Salafia 29’9”

7th B; 1st Daniel Hernandez 35' 5 1/2", 3rd Matt Vargas 30’7½”


7th G; 5th Julie Childers 49’3”

8th G; 4th Princess Burke 54’3”

7th B; 1st Daniel Hernandez 87' 8"

8th B; 2nd Ramon Martinez 110'1”, 3rd Nathan Gianesin 105’8½”


The Turlock Junior High Track team finished its season with noteworthy performances at the Harold Pope Jr. Relays, also known as the Stanislaus County Meet, which was held on May 9 at MJC with 22 schools participating.

Seventh-grader Mackenzie Hassett set a county record in the 1600 meters with a time of 5 minutes, 35.53 seconds, topping her runs two weeks earlier, when she broke the school records in both the 1600 (5:33) and 800 (2:35.6). Valerie Cornwall had held the 1600 record since 1989, and Katie Drueen in the 800 from 2003.

The TJHS eighth-grade boys 4x100-meter-relay team also set a county and school record of 47.19 seconds, with Mario Ortiz, Dominic Jack, Logan Wolfley and Jevan Hogan making up the group.  That record was last held by Tom Mendonca, Anthony Harding, Keith Pace and Michael Stump from 2002.

Hogan earlier set a school record in the 100 with a time of 11.41 seconds and the 200 with a time of 23.6 seconds. The 100 record was previously held by Doug Sperry, now the Turlock High girls soccer coach.

Other school records set during the season were by seventh-grader Juan Gonzalez in the boys' 220 yard and eighth-grader Grant Tallent in the 220-yard boys hurdles in 28.3 sec.