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Turlock plays host to music video film crews
film commission pic1
Director Rich Correll (far left) sets up a shoot in a Turlock residence for the PreZcotts music video. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER / The Journal

For a few hours on Monday afternoon Turlock’s Crane Park was transformed into an on-location shoot, complete with professional sound, lighting and film crews. Just as suddenly as the Hollywood-style hoopla appeared, the day’s filming was finished and every last piece of equipment was packed away and Crane Park was once again a place for local residents to walk the dog and play a game of tennis.

Monday’s scene at Crane Park has been repeated in a variety of locations in Turlock and the county and will continue throughout the week as Modesto-based sister band the PreZcotts shoot two music videos. Their videos, directed by Rich Correll — creator/director of “Hannah Montana,” “Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “That’s So Raven” — are being filmed in town, thanks in part to the newly created Turlock Film Commission.

The commission is the brainchild of local business owner Michael Everett and Turlock Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Sharon Silva. The commission’s goal is to woo film producers to do business in Turlock.

The PreZcotts’ shoot is the commission’s first project, and, so far, it has been a win-win situation for everyone.

“I’ve lived in California my whole life and never heard of Turlock,” said Correll. “The locations we found were great and the people are agreeable, a lot more than L.A. The crews have experience and there are a lot of people in Turlock who want to work. The happy surprise was we had a crew mostly made of up local people who not only did a good job, but great because there was no attitude.”

Correll was not only happy with the local people he has been working with, but as of Tuesday, the filming was ahead of schedule — which he said was the most important thing.

“Rich and his crew coming up here on a blind date, they really took a chance,” said Everett.

For the PreZcotts, shooting their music videos in Turlock has been an exciting experience.

“This is our first ‘we’re working every single day’ video,” said AnaLeyna, 17, the oldest of the four sisters.

For ChaLyn, 15, the hardest part of the shoot has been waking up early and making sure her hair doesn’t get stuck in her lip gloss.

“The best part is getting close to everyone and my sisters are easy to work with,” she said.

RaNelle, 13, said the thing that most surprised her about making the music videos was getting everything just right.

“I didn’t know you had to take so many takes,” she said.

While MaRiah, 11, said she preferred live shows to filming videos, because “you really get to experience it,” all the girls agreed working with local youth as extras has been exciting.

“They were so sweet,” said AnaLeyna. “When we stepped out they started cheering and made us feel welcome. The other kids can be part of our experience as well.”

The PreZcotts will continue filming around town until the end of the week and a big “red carpet” scene will be shot in front of the Turlock Community Theatre on Friday night.

The two videos being filmed in Turlock —“Gossip” and “Turnaround” — are set to be premiered sometime in September, according to the group’s producer Frank Munoz. Shortly after, their first CD “IntroduZing the PreZcotts,” mixed and mastered by L.A.’s Anthony Focx, will be released. For more information about the PreZcotts, visit or find them on Facebook.

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