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Assemblyman Floras district office vandalized
Flora vandalism pic
Assemblyman Heath Floras Modesto district office was broken into and vandalized Wednesday night, and the perpetrators left behind graffiti with racial and gang undertones. - photo by Photo Contributed

Nazi swastikas, gangland call signs and other property damage riddled Assemblyman Heath Flora’s Modesto district office after being broken into and vandalized Wednesday night.

The incident follows two suspicious package instances earlier in the year, which Flora believes were attempts to intimidate his district staff.

Graffiti with racial undertones was sprayed outside of the office, and damage done to the property was extensive. The building’s security system activated an alarm, scaring away the individuals, but Flora’s office believes the act was not intended to be a theft but an escalation in the perpetrator’s attempt to intimidate.

“This type of activism is unbecoming of who we are as Californians and who we are as Americans,” said Flora. “My district staff prides itself on working above and beyond for constituent contact and community involvement. Attacking my district office in this manner only hurts our ability to serve our constituents’ needs in our district. This clear effort to intimidate my staff is reprehensible and sad.”

The incident precedes a forthcoming town hall event on April 17 in which Congressman Jeff Denham, Assemblyman Flora, County Supervisor Vito Chiesa and Mayor Gary Soiseth will be participating. Flora is calling for people to remain civil and non-violent when expressing their political opinions or beliefs.

“There is no place for violent behavior in civilized politics or discourse in society today,” said Flora. “Even if we disagree politically we can have respect for life and property. We will not be intimidated by these unprovoked acts and we will continue to assist and represent the people of the Central Valley.”