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GPS used to capture theft suspect
Dillon Cole-Jones

A Turlock man was taken into custody on theft and weapon charges after the victims of his alleged theft led the police to his location with the use of the GPS in their stolen items.

Around 1 p.m. Sunday the Turlock Police Department received a report of an auto burglary in the 200 block of E. Main Street.

The victims told the officers some of the items taken were computer equipment and they were tracking it via the GPS in the equipment. The victims said the GPs showed the items were at a home in the vicinity of Mitchell Avenue and Thor Street.

The officers went to the residence and as they arriving they witnessed a man, later identified as Dillon Cole-Jones, 21, put a rifle in the trunk.

Officers attempted to stop Cole-Jones, but he fled from the area. However, he crashed in the 200 block of N. Broadway and was taken into custody.

Cole-Jones was charged with possession of stolen property, being a felon in possession of a weapon, and evading officers.