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Gun hidden in baby stroller
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A Turlock woman is under arrest following the discovery of a loaded firearm in her stroller with her baby.

Angela Park, 26, is facing charges of carrying a loaded gun, carrying a concealed gun, making terrorist threats and felony child endangerment, said Turlock Police Lt. Ron Reid.

The discovery of the gun was brought about by a traffic stop for reckless driving.

An officer stopped a vehicle Sunday night that was driving erratically in the area of Canal Drive and Geer Road. The driver of the vehicle told the officer that he was fleeing from a woman who had just waved a gun at him.

The man described the woman and her last seen location and officers found her minutes later at Palm Street and Canal Drive.

She was pushing her 16-month-old baby in a stroller. After detaining her, officers found a semi automatic handgun in the stroller with the infant. One round was in the chamber, Reid said.

Park was taken into custody and Child Protective Services was called for the baby.