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Man apprehended for pitchfork attack
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Merced County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested a man who last year stabbed a Delhi man with a pitchfork in a squabble over a woman.

The suspect, Antonio Trejo Perez, 57, was apprehended earlier this month trying to cross into Mexico from the Texas border, said sheriff spokesman Deputy Delray Shelton.

Perez has been charged with the attempted murder of Ceaser Alcordo, 73, of Delhi.

Back on June 6, 2012, Perez allegedly went to Alcordo’s home in the 17000 block of Leatteau Avenue to confront him about a woman both men were seeing.

At some point, Perez and Alcordo struggled over a shotgun, though no shots were fired. It’s not known who owned the shotgun.

When the struggle for the gun ended, Perez allegedly picked up a pitchfork and stabbed Alcordo with it, causing life-threatening injuries, Shelton said.

While Alcordo was recovering from his wounds, Perez reportedly made his way south and into Mexico. According to law enforcement, he had crossed back over and was in Texas when his evasion came to an end. Perez was attempting to return to Mexico when he was stopped by border patrol agents. A search of Perez’s information revealed he was wanted by Merced County for attempted murder.

Perez is currently being held in a Hildago, Texas jail while the extradition process is coordinated.