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Meth lab found in Delhi
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The Merced County Sheriff’s Department arrested three men Sunday morning on the suspicion they were manufacturing methamphetamine in a Delhi residence.

The manufacturing operation was discovered after one of the men, later identified as Darren Rogers, 36, called 911 saying he had been kidnapped and was being forced to make methamphetamine, according to the sheriff’s department.

Deputies arrived at the house in the 9600 block of Sands Avenue shortly after midnight on Sunday and found the three men and numerous chemicals and supplies needed to make methamphetamine.

The sheriff’s department investigators concluded Rogers was not being held against his will. He had suffered some chemical burns and was taken to a hospital for treatment, the sheriff’s department reported.

The sheriff’s department said the men had the ingredients to manufacture several pounds of the narcotic, but didn’t know how to correctly make it.

Arrested were: Rogers, John Edgeman, 53, and William Epperly, 25. All three were charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and booked into the Merced County Jail.