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Narcotics team making an impact in Turlock
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Narcotics Enforcement 2011


Marijuana plants seized                 275

Marijuana seized                   86 pounds

Meth seized                           231 grams

Heroin seized                         62.16 grams

Hashish seized                       22.9 grams

Assets seized                          $23,791

U.S. currency                         $2,846

Real property seized              $50,000

* Information from the Turlock Police Department’s Annual Report, Uniform Crime Reporting (Part 1 Crimes), released in June.

After a long and thorough investigation, the Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team, armed with a search warrant makes their way into a G Street residence early one September day of last year.

Inside the residence, the narcotics team finds a stash of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana — all packaged for sale and a stolen .40-caliber handgun. Three people were arrested during the bust and TNET recorded another successful investigation.

That same kind of scenario played out several times over the 2011 year as TNET made a record number of arrests since its inception in 2008.

As an investigative arm of the Turlock Police Department, TNET is tasked with impacting and suppressing the street level sales of narcotics. The two detectives and one sergeant assigned to the unit execute numerous follow-up investigations based on previous arrest reports, tips and the information gathered through a network of informants.

The Turlock Police Departments annual report for 2011 shows the unit was responsible for making 66 arrests and serving 27 search warrants, earning them a reputation out on the streets.

“We utilize informants and the feedback we have heard from them is that there are individuals who have decided not to set up shop in Turlock because eventually they know we’ll come knocking,” said TNET Sgt. James Silveira.

In 2011, TNET seized 275 marijuana plants; 86 pounds of marijuana; 231 grams of methamphetamine; 62.16 grams of heroin; 22.9 grams of hashish and $2,846 in cash.

A number of those arrests and drug seizures were generated through the team’s anonymous tip line, Silveira said.

“Sometimes people might think their tips are falling on deaf ears just because an arrest isn’t made right away,” Silveira said. “But that is not the case. Just because something doesn’t happen right away doesn’t mean that we are not listening. You never know when that tip is going to prove useful.”

To leave an anonymous tip to the Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team call 668-5550 ext. 6117.