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The case of the mystery bones
Turlock Police Detective Tim Redd works on excavating a possible bone found at a construction site. - photo by SABRA STAFFORD/The Journal

The straightforward task of putting in an underground utility box took a detour Wednesday evening when a construction crew unearthed some bones at the Turlock site.

The bones were found Wednesday evening on W. Main Street, not far from the intersection with Locust Street, and excavated further Thursday morning by Turlock Police detectives.

A final determination of whether the bones were human or animal could not be made, though the consensus did lean more towards animal. The experts that were consulted said that based on the sediment layers of where the bones were found, they are more than 100 years old, meaning it was no longer a matter for the police department.

After examining some bone fragments found Wednesday, detectives spent several hours Thursday morning digging around the site and sifting through the dirt trying to unearth a large enough piece to determine if it was an animal or a human.

The bones were about three to four feet below the cement level.

Once the age was put at more than 100 years, it was determined it no longer required police investigation and the site was turned back over to the construction crew.