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Residents warned to be wary of those soliciting funds for church
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A Turlock church is sending out a message to residents that they are not actively soliciting donations by going door-to-door, even though someone has been making those claims.

On Sunday, Turlock resident Katy Cummings Ashcroft wrote a post on Turlock Neighborhood Watch’s Facebook page warning residents of someone soliciting donations for New Life Christian Church.

In the post, Ashcroft wrote that a young girl knocked on her door and said she was raising funds for a new building at New Life Christian Church.

“I asked if she had anything to show me regarding this fundraiser, she said she didn't,” Ashcroft wrote in her post. “I didn't give her anything, I thought it was very odd, if you are fundraising, you usually have something to show, a brochure, something.”

The girl was going door-to-door in the Fullerton Drive neighborhood, between Olive Avenue and Fosberg Road.

The attempt to get money from residents prompted a response from Brett Avery, the executive pastor at New Life Christian Center.

"As the Executive Pastor at New Life Christian Center, I can assure you that any fundraising attempts occurring door to door in Turlock or the surrounding communities are not a church sanctioned fundraising attempt,” Avery wrote. “This individual is acting on her own and we recommend anyone asked to contribute in this manor refuse to do so and report these incidents to your local police department."

Anyone believing they have been contacted by a fraudulent fundraiser should contact the Turlock Police Department at 668-5550 to report the incident.