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Sleeping carjacking suspect nabbed in Turlock
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A call reporting a suspicious vehicle turned into the arrest of a man suspected of carjacking after police found him and another man asleep in the car.

Shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday the Turlock Police Department received a call from a security guard reporting a Toyota Camry parked in the 400 block of E. Canal Drive with two men sleeping inside it. The security guard had obtained the license plate number and when the police checked it, the car came back as one that had been taken during a carjacking in Modesto earlier in the week.

Multiple police officers responded to the scene and detained the two men. One man was not found to be linked to the carjacking and was released. The other man, identified as Joshua Huggins, 26, was found in the driver seat and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of carjacking and possession of a stolen vehicle.