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THS pool break-in leaves student in critical condition
THS pool 1
A group of students broke into the Turlock High pool late Friday night. The incident ended in tragedy (JOE CORTEZ/The Journal).

A student is hospitalized following an incident at the Turlock High swimming pool that occurred late Friday night.

According to the Turlock Unified School District, a group of youth which included Turlock High students, entered the locked and secured Turlock High swimming complex around 11:30 p.m. Friday.

An unknown number of individuals were in the pool when they noticed one peer had not surfaced and ran to find the THS Athletic Trainer, who was still on campus following the evening’s football game. 

The youth told officials that they were unable to bring the student to the surface due to depth of the diving pool and his weight. The Athletic Trainer immediately called.

Multiple Turlock Police and Fire units responded at approximately 11:51 p.m., according to Captain Jason Bernard. The police officers who were first on scene jumped in the pool and pulled the student out of the water and immediately began CPR. When Turlock Fire units arrived, they took over CPR, with the assistance of AMR ambulance personnel..  

According to a TUSD statement, although a pulse was recovered before leaving in the ambulance, the student is listed in critical condition at this time.  

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