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Trio's attempt to dine and dash unsuccessful
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A woman and two men were cited by the Turlock Police Department after they were caught trying to skip out on their bill after eating at a Turlock restaurant.

Lori Davis, 52, Eric Lee Renfro, 44, and Jerry Bays, 30, were eating at the Perko’s restaurant at 151 N. Walnut Rd. around 8 a.m. Sunday.

The server waiting on the three began to get suspicious of their behavior, especially because they had ordered a large amount of food, racking up an estimated $60 bill for breakfast, according to the police report.

The server contacted the police department prior to the three leaving. When the three allegedly tried to leave without paying their bill, the employees at the restaurant were able to keep them there until the police arrived.

It was discovered that the three did not have the money to pay for the bill, according to the police report. They were each cited for defrauding an innkeeper and released.