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Turlock man accused of impersonating law enforcement to get around traffic
fake police
The Patterson Police Department confiscated the grill of a truck that had illegal emergency responder flashing lights attached to it as evidence (Photo contributed).

A Turlock man’s attempt to get around traffic by pretending to be law enforcement came to an ironic end when he encountered real law enforcement in the traffic line.

The suspect, identified by the Patterson Police Services as Brian Hoar, 34, of Turlock, was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a peace officer and reckless driving.

The incident began around 4 p.m. Monday in a long traffic line at W. Main Street and Carpenter Road.

A deputy was in an unmarked undercover vehicle in the traffic line when he noticed a Chevrolet Silverado pull into the westbound lane with red and blue lights flashing from the grill and a siren activated.

The Silverado was traveling at a high rate of speed when Hoar suddenly noticed a marked traffic vehicle in the line, according to the Patterson Police Services.

“This vehicle happened to see another marked Sheriff's vehicle ahead in the traffic so it immediately pulled back into traffic almost colliding with our traffic units,” the department posted on their Facebook page. “As it would happen this was not a vehicle associated with a first responder, but a person who had figured out a clever, but illegal way to get around traffic.”

The two legitimate law enforcement vehicles activated their lights and sirens and pulled Hoar over.

The deputies took the siren and the flashing lights as evidence. Because the lights had been permanently affixed to the grill of the Silverado, the entire grill was taken.

“In summary, please do not impersonate the police just to get around traffic and if you do, do not permanently attach your fake police lights to your grill,” the department said. “It will catch up with you and we will take your grill as evidence.”