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Two caught for dining and dashing
Turlock Police Cars

At least one Turlock server is enjoying the taste of justice after police nabbed two men for dining and dashing.

The two men, identified as Jerry Bays, 30, and Adrian Lopez, 22, were both apprehended Wednesday morning after leaving AJ’s Café and Grill at 2800 Geer Road.

The two men were seen leaving the café without paying for their meal, as well as swiping a tip left on another table, according to the Turlock Police Department.

An individual at the restaurant called the police and all the while kept an eye on the suspects as they walked away.

Bays and Lopez were detained by officers in the nearby area and identified as the thieves.

Bay was cited for not paying for his food and Lopez was booked into Stanislaus County Jail for felony petty theft with prior convictions.