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Adam Bennett leaves a legacy at Turlock Christian
adambennett 1
Adam Bennett is one of the first members of Turlock Christian's new speech and debate team. - photo by Photo Contributed

Class president for four years straight, homecoming king and the lead in the school play – is there anything Turlock Christian senior Adam Bennett can’t do? Until recently, that was speech and debate.

Speech and debate teams are a rarity on Christian campuses and private schools in general and Turlock Christian has just entered the arena with its first speech and debate team.  A part of the Logos Forensics Association, this league was created to specifically allow privately educated students the same privileges as the publically educated: to learn logic and rhetoric, communicate clearly and persuasively as well as defend their beliefs.

“I’ve wanted to do speech and debate since freshman year, but this is the first year we formed a team so I finally got to join,” said Bennett. “I like to analyze, find flaws, argue points and speak in front of people so it was a natural fit.”

Bennett has traveled with his six teammates to watch other teams compete and is looking forward to his first official competition this month. While Bennett has just begun honing his speech and debate skills, he has been able to utilize an assortment of other skills from his education to pave the way.

“My favorite subjects are drama and economics,” said Bennett. “I’m also really into organizing and leadership. I like the take charge initiative and putting on events.”

Bennett’s proactive personality and ability to maintain a 4.0 GPA have also earned him the $12,000 Chancellor’s Scholarship from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, the school he will call home for the next four years. Unlike his new extracurricular activity, there was not much debate over which college to attend.

“It was just a good fit,” said Bennett.

However, before leaving for Arizona, Bennett will continue to make his mark on Turlock Christian in all the facets in which he is involved.