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Bound By Faith: New religious club at Pitman offers safe place of worship
Bound By Faith
Pitman High School sophomore Meredith Ball started Bound By Faith earlier this year to provide a place where she and her peers could connect with each other in safe place of fellowship. - photo by Photo Contributed

Pitman High School sophomore Meredith Ball is hoping that the campus’ newest religious club Bound By Faith will provide a safe place of fellowship and growth for her and her peers after she founded it at the beginning of this year.


As the club president, Ball said she decided to start Bound By Faith in January to offer an outlet on campus for students at Pitman to connect with God and the community.


“The goal of Bound By Faith is to have students see Christ as the answer, and to get the opportunity to know him better,” said Ball. “I think it is important to have a club like this at Pitman because it is a safe place where students the same age can connect with each other and grow closer to God.”


Since its foundation in January, Ball said Bound By Faith hosted its first event, which was a drive-through barbecue on Nov. 12 to raise money towards feeding the homeless through Operation Feed the Homeless. They raised $750, which surpassed the club’s original goal of $300.


“After the barbeque we had extra meals and with them we went and handed them out to the less fortunate,” said Ball. “We plan to join in on Operation Feed the Homeless these holidays.”


Ball said Bound By Faith is the newest religious club at Pitman High, which is also home to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Muslim Student Association. The club currently has 15 members and Ball said anyone is welcome to join.


“I would like to see Bound By Faith get larger member-wise,” said Ball. “Our ultimate goal is to spread the word of the club and get many more members.”


Ball said that students interested in joining Bound By Faith are welcome to attend an upcoming meeting. Bound By Faith members meet every Tuesday during lunch in H103 and every Thursday after school in the campus quad.