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Brown Elementary students have respect
character counts
Brown Elementary School students Brenda (left) and Monica Reyes share the character trait of respect. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal

Monica and Brenda Reyes are 11-year-old twins at Brown Elementary in Turlock. Like many twins they share common interests and they both enjoy each other’s company (most of the time). Both girls also share one very important character trait: Respect.

In fact their level of respect for others extends even into their own relationship. When it came time to decide if they should run against each other for student body president Monica bowed out and ran for vice-president under her sister. Her reason was simple enough, because Monica was 16 minutes older than Brenda and thus throughout their lives she has often been allowed to do things first. So out of respect for Brenda, Monica bowed out.

The sixth grade girls are in separate classes and both of their teachers spoke about why the girls were nominated by Brown Elementary principal Jeff Persons as personifications of the character trait respect.

“Brenda is very well liked, very polite, courteous, respectful and she is always willing to help others without hesitation,” said Celia Swan, Brenda’s teacher.

Brianne Ferguson, Monica’s teacher, praised her as a student to look up to for other students.

“She is our classroom president, which is a ton of responsibility. She is the type of kid who watches the room if I leave, she is never any trouble, very thorough with her homework and she goes above and beyond,” said Ferguson.

The twins have similarities beyond personality traits. Both would like to become doctors when they grow up — something they both decided upon after the death of a close friend. Brenda would like to go into pediatrics and Monica would like to practice general medicine. Both girls enjoy playing soccer in their free time. Apparently the only difference between the girls is that Brenda’s favorite subject is math and Monica’s is social studies.

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