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Construction continues at Osborn, Turlock Junior High
Osborn construction
Work is underway at Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy on building more kindergarten and preschool classes (PAWAN NAIDU/The Journal).

The Turlock Unified School District School Board of Trustees received an update on renovations happening at Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy and Turlock Junior High School. Both projects are expected to be completed by the start of the 2023 school year.

The first phase of the Osborn project was to build out the kindergarten and preschool classes. According to TUSD Director of Maintenance and Operations Scott Richardson, it is progressing well and should be completed soon.

“As you drive by, you see it coming along really well,” he said. “We had a few hiccups regarding materials, but things are progressing well right now.”

This summer the plan is to build portables at Osborn along Main Street. Another project this summer will be to remodel the administration office, and the staff will be relocated to a different location as the construction is happening.

The budget for the Osborn project is $14,120,914 with an 8% contingency of $1,016,711. The district has $828,999 of unused contingency to date.

TJHS’s construction is being handled by CT Brayton & Sons, Inc., who are the same contractors that built the new science building.

“This one has six phases so it’s really tricky,” said Richardson. “Every week there’s something new that comes up with that site that is difficult to handle.”

The primary goal with this project was to replace the central plan system, therefore when they want to build somewhere they have to dismantle the old infrastructure, according to Richardson. The renovations have caused water, power and gas to be shut down.

“It’s been fun and challenging, and we’re making good steady progress,” said Richardson.

Part of the renovations include eight classrooms, plus the library. Students have not been dressing for physical education classes so the locker rooms could be worked on, and the district hopes to have that done by next school year.

“The bulk of the money is going towards electrical and air conditioning,” said Richardson.

The budget for the Turlock Junior High project is $17,810,129 with a 5% contingency of 792,618.10. The district has $525,680.10 of unused contingency to date.