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CSU Stanislaus parking lot gets facelift
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Those driving down Monte Vista Avenue may have noticed that the parking lot on the southwest side of the CSU Stanislaus campus is a bit of a mess.

This mess however, is an attempt to avoid a much bigger safety mess.

Last month, facilities services began reconstruction of Parking lot 2 on the CSU Stanislaus campus. The reconstruction of the lot is in light of safety concerns caused by the roots of the trees formerly present in the lot.

According to Dave Tonelli, associate vice president of Communications and Public Affairs at CSU Stanislaus, the root system of the trees had comprised the structural integrity of the lot, affecting both the surface of the concrete and the irrigation of the trees in the lot. 

Due to the lack of irrigation, many of the trees present in the lot were beginning to rot and die, which also formed the possible hazard of them falling.

“We will be planting new trees,” said Tonelli. “Their roots will not create these kinds of problems.”

Along with making the lot safer, the reconstruction will also allow for the creation of 107 new parking sites for frustrated students who can’t find parking.

“The good news is that there will be more parking,” said Tonelli.

In May, the University Facilities and Planning Committee approved the current construction setting the tentative completion date as Sept. 3, ensuring the lot will be available for students during the fall semester.

The project will be funded by parking lot fees, which are expected to rise to $180 per student in the 2013 fall semester.

Along with improved surface conditions and increased parking spaces, the new lot will host two electric car charging sites and also complies fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“I think everyone will enjoy coming back and not having to deal with a broken parking lot,” said Tonelli.