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Delhi students earn multi-lingual diplomas
delhi girls
Delhi High School seniors Jennifer Beaven (left) and Liana Malonado were amongst the top graduates who earned the Multi-lingual Proficiency Seal on their diplomas. Delhi High School accounted for 55 percent of the total seal recipients in all of Merced County. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal

Delhi High School students earned an impressive 55 percent of the new Multi-lingual Diploma Seal in all of Merced County during a presentation at Delhi Education Park last Thursday.

The multi-lingual seal on a student's diploma designates that the student has successfully passed rigorous proficiency tests in more than one language.

DHS has 26 of the 47 students countywide who received the seal. Some of the top students were soon-to-be DHS graduates Liana Malonado, Jennifer Beaven, and Emmanuel Perez.

Malonado said the seal will help her to be competitive in the future job market. She plans to become a physician’s assistant after studying at UC Merced.

Beaven appreciated her experience learning the formal writing and speaking of her native Spanish language.

“At home Spanish is very different and it was challenging to learn the proper way to use it, but it will pay off in the future,” she said.

Beaven will enroll in California State University, Stanislaus’ pre-nursing program.

All three students said they took three years of Spanish to earn the seal.