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Delhi Unified welcomes new high school principal, interim superintendent
Pon Kathy
Kathy Pon

New students are not the only ones entering the doors of the Delhi Unified School District schools this year as a new interim superintendent and high school principal will be taking the lead with one vision in mind: student success.

Today marks the end of the first week of Kathy Pon’s term in DUSD as the interim superintendent, a position which she is not unfamiliar with having served as Assistant Superintendent in both Patterson and the Newman-Crowslanding Districts. Prior to her term in Delhi Pon served as the Assistant Superintended of Instruction Services for the Merced County Office of Education from where she has termed she is “on loan.” By temporarily shifting from the county level to the Delhi Unified School District Pon has been able to return to a role that allows her to interface with more individuals in the schools as well as receive more insight into classroom instruction.

“Superintends deal directly with the staff and schools in the district so it’s much more of a supportive role here in the district office. Having working as an assistant superintendent before I know it allows me to be much closer to the schools and staff which is very enjoyably for me,” said Pon. “I enjoy keeping the focus on the kids.”

 DUSD is currently in the process of identifying candidates to replace former superintendent Brian Stephens who left DUSD to preside over the Tracy Unified School District as superintendent. While the application period for the new superintendent position has closed in DUSD, the District is in the process of setting up interviews and Pon anticipates a new superintendent will be in place around mid-August.

Someone with a more permanent position in the District will be Vincent Gonzalez, the new Delhi High School principal. Prior to entering the education system 17 years ago Gonzalez worked as a probation officer for nine and a half years providing him 26 years of experience dealing with young people. Hailing from the Fresno area and initially drawn to Merced to attend Merced College as a student, Gonzalez achieved his Teaching Credential at California State University, Fresno and is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Education Administration at California State University, Stanislaus.

Gonzalez brings extensive experience to the position of principal having served as a Principal of Atwater Elementary School, Assistant Principal of Patterson High School, Assistant Principal of Central High School in Fresno as well as Teacher, Athletic Director and At-Risk Counselor at Chowchilla High School for a collective 17 years. With family nearby in Merced, Gonzalez was drawn to the position at Delhi High School due to its location and local community feel.

“It’s a local school and I’m familiar with the people and students and we have such great facilities for this small community,” explained Gonzalez. “In my role as principal it’s my job to make sure teachers and students are provided the best opportunities in regards to resources. My biggest goal is to begin team building for students, teachers and parents for the betterment of student learning and engagement.”

Gonzalez arrived just in time for the high school’s new technological development which provides each student a Google Chromebook computer which they can utilize at school as well as take home for use. With technology as a principle goal in his educational philosophy, Gonzalez intends to accentuate education at Delhi High School by promoting healthy learning conditions and creating a supportive network for student success.

“I want the students to be able to accomplish what they set out to do by celebrating small victories on a daily basis. I believe that all students can learn and I’m really excited to be here and look forward to serving the community of Delhi,” said Gonzalez.