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Delhi's Helping Hawks
Members of Delhi High's Helping Hawks Club serve dinner to guests at the We Care homeless shelter in Turlock on Thursday. - photo by CANDY PADILLA/The Journal

Members of the Delhi High School Helping Hawks Club donated time to serve dinner at the We Care Shelter in Turlock Thursday evening.  The club has donated their help various times throughout the year.  The club was established at Delhi High School in 2011 by a student who had an experience at a homeless shelter.  The student approached Matt Ward and asked about starting a club.  The club started with 11 students, but has grown year after year.  The club also helps with community clean ups and child care for district events.  

"It makes me feel proud to do this and give back to people in need.  It also makes me happy," said Delhi senior Julia Correa. 

"The age they are at now is the best age possible to learn the importance of service," said Ward. "A lot of these young people, when they catch that spirit of service, they’re going to continue it through their lives and are going to be able to make a bigger difference."

The We Care shelter is open this year through the end of June.  Volunteers are always needed. Those interested in helping at We Care can visit and schedule days to volunteer.  We Care is located at 219 S. Broadway in Turlock.