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Denair Charter Science Fair brings community together
denair science fair 2
Darla Nelson and her daughter Brooke Nelson taste the apples of Katie Oliver and Canyon Haverlys experiment to determine which is organic.

While Denair Charter Academy may provide alternative off-campus educational opportunities that include online and home school learning, students and families made their way onto campus Thursday evening to take part in the Go Green Science Fair.

“With Earth Day this month and it being spring we thought Going Green would be a great theme for this year’s event,” said Principal Michelle Bush of the teacher led event.

The Science Fair, which coincided with the District’s Open House night, provided students an opportunity to showcase the result of their academic efforts throughout the year through their projects. From recycling presentations to battery experiments, the Go Green Science Fair showcased a variety of students’ unique interests and aptitudes. For some students, science projects aligned with school curriculum such as biology students Katie Oliver and Canyon Haverly’s experiment to test whether individuals could taste the difference between organic and nonorganic apples.

“Our hypothesis is that people will not be able to tell a difference and so far we are correct. Once we gather all of our feedback we will write a five paragraph essay on our findings,” said Oliver. 

With nontraditional ways to learn through Denair Charter Academy, the Go Green Science Fair provides students and families the formal opportunity to come together and witness the collective efforts of the school and District at large. Denair Charter Academy provides expanded choices for students and parents looking for a less traditional approach to learning and with onsite classes, online classes and independent study, the school caters to a variety of students between kindergarten and 12 grades. The Science Fair allowed the Denair Charter community to gather and celebrate the success of each student, a theme that is central to the school’s mission.

“It is important that we take time to celebrate student success. Having this opportunity for teachers and students to come together and talk gives our community that time to gather which is great,” said Bush.