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Denair Unified finalizes layoffs for 2015-2016 school year
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Less than expected enrollment and average daily attendance has prompted Denair Unified School District to reduce hours for four instructors at Denair High School.

“These current layoffs are part of our previously initiated fiscal recovery plan to balance or budget,” said DUSD Superintendent Aaron Rosander. “School districts are required to maintain fiscal solvency and positive certification for a three year projection.

“These layoffs harmonize with this requirement,” continued Rosander.

As was originally discussed at a DUSD Board of Trustees meeting in February, despite the fact that the District is on proper financial footing, it is still required to reduce the equivalent of two full-time teaching positions at DHS due to decreased enrollment at the high school level.

However, instead of targeting two full-time teaching positions at DHS, the District instead opted to perform partial layoffs.

“Whole teaching positions are not expected to be eliminated and our comprehensive high school with its college preparatory programs will remain solidly in place,” said Rosander in February. “What this would mean is that there will be a handful of teachers who instead of teaching six classes, will be teaching five classes. A few full-time teachers will become part-time teachers.”

Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, a total of four employees will have their services reduced by the equivalent of 1.167 full-time teaching positions. Combined with the resignation of a part-time Spanish teacher, this comes out to the equivalent of two full-time teaching positions overall.

Along with finalizing necessary layoffs on Thursday, the DUSD Board of Trustees adopted an administration restructure and corresponding job descriptions.

The District has named Michelle Bush as the Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Student Support Services, and State Preschool Education. Prior to holding this position, Bush has been the principal at Denair Charter Academy for the past two years.

DUSD also took action on Thursday to delegate Aaron Delworth as principal exclusively for Denair Middle School. Previously, Delworth has been both the principal at the DMS and Denair High School.

According to the District, both principal vacancies previously held by Bush and Delworth at DCA and DHS respectively are expected to be filled by the end of June.