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Denair Unified updates logo to reflect District's new direction

After a tumultuous year and a half that left the Denair Unified School District facing a potential state takeover due to its poor fiscal condition, the District is reinventing itself with a renewed vision evident in its new District logo.

The new logo differs greatly from the District's old logo, which featured the coyote mascot and stated 'Denair Unified School District'. Now, the District will be identified by a circular image that features not only the coyote mascot but a child reading a book with a ribbon that undercuts the image and reflects the District's core values: Community, Commitment, and Excellence. 

 "Our newly created catchphrase sends forward a clear and sincere message that Denair schools are a unique and wonderful educational choice for students.  In Denair schools students experience high-quality high-interest education in a warm, friendly and personalized environment," said Superintendent Aaron Rosander.

When Rosander was selected to lead DUSD in a new direction last February, he knowingly stepped into a District fraught with fiscal concerns. With millions of dollars in debt and an ongoing thorny relationship between the District and the Denair Unified Teachers Association, parents and teachers often took to the microphone during public comment periods of the monthly school board meetings to express their concerns that the quality of education was being compromised by the ongoing disagreement. Once a deal was struck between the two entities, Rosander entered the District with the aim of creating a more positive environment. By holding town hall style meetings and interfacing with stakeholders as a way to open the lines of communication between the community and the schools, the new logo is one more way Rosander aims to not only empower the District but showcase its strengths. 

"We have a unique and powerful brand of education to offer to this area of the Central Valley and we want to let people know if you’re interested in individual attention and a personal relationship with educators, we are small enough to treat students like family," said Rosander.

The new logo will be found everywhere throughout the District, from vehicles to letterhead and will be in place immediately. After collaborating with various stakeholders, the logo was created to issue the public the District’s values and accurately represent its vision.

"This was an opportunity for us to evaluate who we are as a district and ensure that our logo represents who we are to the public," said Rosander. "It seemed that there was more that we could tell."