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Pitman art girl pic
Pitman High School junior Chole Littrell and her colored glass mosaic of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal

Pitman High School junior Chole Littrell created a fine piece of art work, which is now displayed in the school office. The mosaic is made of broken pieces of colored glass and cement, carefully constructed to resemble the famous Beatles Abbey Road album cover from 1969. It took Littrell a month to carefully construct the pieces of glass. The young artist plans to pursue art as her major in college. 

“Chloe is an ideal 3D art student.  Not only is she a very talented budding young artist, she demonstrates outstanding leadership, maintains a clear sense of purpose and a strong work ethic. I have no doubts that Chloe’s art career is just beginning and will take her many exciting places being that she always goes the extra mile to invest herself in her art and her studies to make the most of every opportunity,” said Pitman art teacher Terri Crivelli.