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Extreme makeover: Denair Unified edition
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It’s been three months since Denair Unified appointed Walt Hanline to take over its troubled school district. After countless special board meetings and dozens of layoffs, the district is now making fundamental changes through staff and administration restructuring.

 “We have a challenge as a district,” said Hanline. “We need to solve our financial and educational issues. The talent level of our staff with quality leadership can make a bigger difference with our students.”

 Denair Middle School and Denair High School is now under joint administration with Aaron Delworth serving as Director of Secondary Education for both schools.

“With Delworth’s extensive background on instruction improvement, he will be a great leader for the secondary schools,” Hanline said.

Both elementary schools will be under the leadership of Carol Hammond as the Director of Elementary Education.  Fawn Oliver will move to the district office and serve as the Director of Student Support Services for special education, categorical, assessment and student support programs.

“These administrative changes were made in order to create the leadership structure within our district,” said Hanline. “Deputy Superintendent Mary Jones will be in charge to develop the leaders, so they can do a better job at having the entire staff in coming together to properly implement Common Core in our district.”

Denair's kindergarten is also being  restructured to serve students on a full-day basis.

“Kindergarten is the fundamental step in improving our education,” said Hanline. “We need to spend more time with our students by offering classrooms the entire day so they can be prepared academically, socially and emotionally for the grades ahead.”

Starting next school year, the district will offer more food choices to the students by returning the high school snack bar. The district will also tap into special technology improvement funds by converting from T-1 lines to fiber optic bands to increase the wireless technology for students and staff.

“The staff and community are very receptive of change and people are recognizing that these changes need to be made,” said Hanline.

DUSD will hold its regular board meeting at 7:30 p.m. on June 27. DUSD board meetings are open to the public and held at Denair Middle School Coyote Center, 3460 Lester Rd.