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High performing teachers resilient, CSU Stanislaus prof finds
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Through a series of interviews and job shadowing, California State University, Stanislaus Professor Noelle Won found that teachers who shine at otherwise low-performing schools are tied together by a consistent thread of resiliency.

Though many teachers weren’t happy about teaching strict curriculums to meet state testing requirements, leaving little time for creative enrichment, the best teachers complained the least. Instead, they found ways to meet requirements while still providing top-notch teaching.

“They knew how to jump through the hoops, but they didn’t make a big deal about it because they knew they were good teachers and were confident in their expertise,” Won said. “When that door closes, they are with their students and they teach their students what they need to know in the best way they can. And their students are learning.”

Won said her research will be used to inspire the future teachers she instructs at CSU Stanislaus.