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Increase funding to benefit student enrollment at CSUS

Universities across the state are receiving funds due to an additional $142.2 million that was allotted to the California State University System as part of the 2014-15 budget expenditure plan, $2 million of which will be directed to California State University, Stanislaus.

CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White hopes that the additional funds allocated to the CSU campuses will go towards increased student enrollment, the implementation of new programs, and allot a salary increase to the system’s 45,000 employees.

“With the additional funding provided in this year’s budget, the California State University can admit new students, bolster programs that improve student outcomes and reinvest in the talented employees who have sacrificed for many years while remaining committed to the success of our students and the mission of the university,” said White.

The $2 million allocated to CSU Stanislaus will go towards enriching student instruction in a variety of capacities, such as potential increased class offerings. As a result of the increased funds, the campus is prepared to accommodate a 2.9 percent enrollment growth, or roughly 200 full time equivalent students, in the upcoming school year.

However, this in turn will modify the campus’s target FTES, which is assigned by the CSU system to prevent over enrollment. Should the university exceed this target number by the recently reduced margin of 3.5 percent, the university would pay a fine to the CSU Chancellor Office.

“The recently decreased margin from 5 percent to 3.5 percent means our buffer is smaller and we have to continue to be on top of monitoring our student enrollment,” said James Leonard, spokesperson for CSU Stanislaus.

However, according to Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs James Strong, the university will not turn away any students looking to enroll at CSU Stanislaus that have met the designated requirements and deadlines.

 The exact use of the money will be decided at a future University Budget Advisory Committee meeting.